Welcome To Conex Casting India

We specialize in casting of variety of Copper and Stainless Steel Alloys. We cast and machine precision castings used in diverse industrial applications around the world. As a leading casting foundry, we are experts in using the proper alloy for your required casting needs. Various types of Copper, Bronze, Brass and Stainless Steel Alloys in different shapes, sizes and weights. The markets we serve are a testament to the quality metal castings that we provide. In addition to high quality casting we can also offer CNC machining facility as per customer’s needs.

Continual investments in the latest casting technologies, equipment and our employees makes Conex Casting more than just an ordinary foundry. Our state of the art facility utilizes an automated sand casting, Shell molding process to produce repeatable high quality products. Our technological advances allow us to produce and deliver superior quality Brass, Copper, Bronze and Stainless Steel castings that are customized to meet all of your requirements. Our Jamnagar Gujarat based foundry produces castings for a variety of industries and specializes in manufacturing complicated Bushings, Electrical connectors, Grounding clamps, Pump parts, seals, bearings, and bearing housings using various metal alloys.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff takes the time to understand your requirements to provide the highest level of customer service. We can also offer substantial cost savings compared to US / European casting foundries which can in turn help our customers to be more competitive in their marketplace.

Our Key Products

Hot Line Clamps

Hot line clamps are used for line tap distribution connections. The body is made from High strength Bronze alloys such as...
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Bronze Vise Clamps

The clamps are made from Copper Alloy such as C955 using fine accurate shell moulding. Used to connect various size Grounding...
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Transformer Tank Connectors

It consists of a rotating eye bolt which can accommodate cable either vertically or...
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Hot Line Clamps Bronze Vise Clamps Transformer Tank Connectors

Bronze Hull Strainers Marine Sea Scoop Strainers

Bronze Hull Strainers Marine Sea Scoop Strainers...
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Bronze Elbows Reducing Elbows Bronze Threaded Elbows

An elbow is used between two lengths of pipe...
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Stainless Steel Pump Impellers

The Stainless Steel Pump Impellers are manufactured using Investment Casting...
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Bronze Hull Strainers
Marine Sea Scoop Strainers
Bronze Elbows Reducing
Elbows Bronze Threaded Elbows
Stainless Steel Pump Impellers