Brass Investment Casting

Conex is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Brass Investment Casting products from their foundry in Jamnagar, India. Our investment casting Brass products range from a few grams up to Twenty Kilograms. The Brass Investment Casting grades are Yellow Brass Investment Castings, Red Brass Investment Castings, and Silicon Brass Investment Castings.

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Brass Investment Casting Brass Investment Casting Brass Investment Casting

Brass Investment Castings are used in a wide variety of industries like Valves, Pumps / Fluid Technology, Boiler Fittings, General Engineering, Power Plants, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Railway Parts, Petrochemical, Dental and Medical tools, Plumbing, Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Construction, Mining and many other industries.

Advantages of Brass Investment Casting :

  • Highly complex dimensional intricate parts can be Cast
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High dimensional accuracy

The various grades of Brass used are :

  • C85200 / CDA 852 Yellow Brass Alloys
  • C85700 / CDA 857 Yellow Brass Alloys