Bronze Ground Pipe Clamps

Ground Pipe ClampsGround Pipe Clamps

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Bronze Ground Pipe clamps are used with water pipes for earthing and bonding as per UL 467. They are cast in our sand casting and shell molding facility in India. We are one of the leading Brass and Copper component manufacturing company in India. We are a prominent suppliers of electrical and grounding components to countries like USA, UK and Canada for more than a decade.

The Pipe Clamps are available for various pipe sizes from the ½” – 1” to 4”-6”. It can be used for wire sizes ranging from #2 AWG TO #10AWG. Ground Clamp, Bronze  Size 1/2 in to #1; 10 AWG Solid to 2 AWG Stranded Conductor; Size 0.66 in W x 2.28 in D,  Screw Connector to Pipe, Screw Wire Connector approved by Ul 467 Ground pipe clamps grounding connectors are made as per UL 467 (Grounding and Bonding Equipment) from Bronze.

We have our own bronze foundry and produce high strength Bronze by fine sand casting method. UL Direct Burial ground pipe clamps have screws made of Stainless Steel or Bronze. It is used for connecting grounding conductors to water pipe, copper tubing or ground rod. Manufactured from High Strength High Conductivity Cast Copper Alloy grades such as C95500, C95600, C83600 and C84400. Also available are grounding pipe clamps with LAY IN features. Heavy-duty Internal Serrations for improved clamping and overall earth contact integrity.

We strictly follow a tested and proven, quality control system which is carried out at all stages of the manufacturing and post-manufacturing process. Only those products which pass these quality checks, are exported to our customers.

We also manufacture custom parts as per drawings and specifications provided by the customer. We also provide finishing according to the customer’s requirement.