Bronze Vise Connectors

Bronze Vise ConnectorsBronze Vise Connectors

Conex Casting is a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bronze Vise Connectors and other Bronze components.

Vice Connectors are used to provide a solder less connection between ground wires. Vise-type connectors made of corrosion-resistant, high strength bronze, fast, easy installation, Vibration proof connection V-grooves properly align the conductors for maximum engagement. The clamps are made from Copper Alloy such as C955 using fine accurate shell moulding. Used to connect various size Grounding Conductors, as well as pole line apparatus to Grounding Conductors.


Interlocking components ensure a long term, vibration proof connection.

One Piece, side opening design eliminates loose parts, cross threading, and eases installation on run conductor.

Wide range allows for minimal inventory.

Easy to install with gloves or hot sticks and can be installed on structures, cabinets and enclosures for grounding applications.

Material: Body/Jaws: Bronze

We strictly follow a tested and proven, quality control system which is carried out at all stages of the manufacturing and post manufacturing process. Only those products which pass these quality checks, are exported to our customers.

We also manufacture custom parts as per drawings and specifications provided by the customer. We also provide finishing according to the customer’s requirement.