Transformer Tank Connectors

Transformer Tank Connectors Transformer Tank Connectors

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Transformer tank Connectors or Transformer ground connectors are used for grounding connections in electrical transformers, 8 AWG solid to 2/0 stranded, stud size 1/2-13 UNC-2A, Copper.

Transformer Tank Connectors have properties such as:

  • Versatile single-stud thread 
  • Fits on all standard EEI-NEMA distribution Electrical Transformers
  • Eyebolt rotates to accommodate cable in all directions
  • High Quality Copper- Bronze alloy CDA 956 CDA 952
  • Threads maintained with go and not go gage
  • Stainless Steel robust quality hardware
  • Very high torque values

It consists of a rotating eye bolt which can accommodate cable either vertically or horizontally. The part is made from high strength Copper alloy such as C955. It is easy to use and can be used with a regular wrench.

We are one of the leading brass and copper component manufacturing company in India. We are a prominent suppliers of electrical and grounding components to countries like USA, UK and Canada for more than a decade.

We strictly follow a tested and proven, quality control system which is carried out at all stages of the manufacturing and post manufacturing process. Only those products which pass these quality checks, are exported to our customers.

We also manufacture custom parts as per drawings and specifications provided by the customer. We also provide finishing according to the customer’s requirement.