U Bolt Clamps

U Bolt Clamps U Bolt Clamps

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A U bolt is a threaded U shaped fastener that can hold electrical poles or other structures on the electric power line, pole line, and concrete line.

The U bolt thread is made by the rolling machine. There are 1/2’’, 5/8’’, and 3/4’’ diameter screws.

All the U bolt are assembled with two or four hex nuts or square nuts.                  

These are used for connecting solid circular conductor to Copper grounding rod. They are made using high quality Copper and Bronze hardware.

We are one of the leading brass and copper component manufacturing company in India. We are a prominent suppliers of electrical and grounding components to countries like USA, UK and Canada for more than a decade.

We strictly follow a tested and proven, quality control system which is carried out at all stages of the manufacturing and post manufacturing process. Only those products which pass these quality checks, are exported to our customers.

We also manufacture custom parts as per drawings and specifications provided by the customer. We also provide finishing according to the customer’s requirement.